715.1715/1514: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Nicholson ) to the Secretary of State

93. Your telegram No. 72, October 5, 3 p.m.17 The Foreign Minister informs me that he desires no intimation to Honduras that any suggestion emanated from Nicaragua and that it be stipulated that both understand that of course the mediation proceedings are in no way prejudiced by any action which may be taken on the present question. He desires any suggestion to appear to come from the State Department and states that if Honduras accepts a survey Nicaragua will also. Such acceptance by one country would be conveyed to the other through the Department which could inquire what engineers would be appointed and where and when they would meet.

Tegucigalpa informed.

Nicaragua does not desire to reply to the Honduran note at least at the present stage.

  1. See footnote 14, p. 453.