The Representative of the President (Corrigan) to the Chairman of the Mediation Commission (Zúñiga Montúfar)7


Dear Colleague and Friend: Since my arrival in Washington on the 1st instant, I have had an opportunity to hold a number of conversations with regard to different questions connected with the Commission with officers of the Department of State, and, in particular, the opportunity of sounding out the Legation of Honduras respecting the possibility that the Government of that country might reconsider its decision with respect to the proposal to make an aerial map of the Segovia river. With the approval of the competent officers of the Department, I invited the Minister of Honduras, Dr. Julian Cáceres, to come to the Department to confer on the matter, likewise taking advantage of the presence here of Dr. Marcos Carías Reyes, nephew and private secretary of His Excellency President Carías, to invite him to take part in the conversation. Dr. Carías Reyes is returning to Tegucigalpa soon, where he will consult with General Carías regarding this matter, afterwards advising me, through Dr. Cáceres, of the view of the Honduran Government.

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As soon as I receive information regarding President Carías’ attitude, I shall communicate with you, and with our friend, Dr. Rodríguez.

With cordial assurances [etc.]

Frank P. Corrigan
  1. The same was sent on June 8 to the Representative of Venezuela.