714.44A15/103: Telegram

The Chargé in Guatemala (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

1. The British Minister3 informs me:

That he has just received a telegram saying that Mr. Welles had expressed his fears to the British Ambassador regarding the possibility of a Mexican filibustering expedition against Belize. The telegram added that Mr. Welles had urged an early presentation by the British of their proposals.
That this telegram had been the first indication which he had received that among the proposals under consideration that providing for arbitration would be chosen for presentation. The Minister added that the delay in presentation appeared to be due to difficulty in connection with the terms of reference. I emphasized that unrestricted arbitration appeared to oiler the best means of securing a solution of the problem just and honorable to both sides.
That he had received a request from the President for some action in connection with this problem which the latter could mention in his Presidential message to Congress on March 1.
That he hoped his telegram plus that from Washington might jog the proposal out of the law lords’ unfinished business basket.

  1. John Hurleston Leche.