710.Maritime Transportation/155a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Panama (Dawson)2

165. The Inter-American Maritime Conference which convenes in Washington November 25, 1940 under the auspices of the Inter-American Financial and Economic Advisory Committee, will afford an opportunity for the representatives of all the American republics to discuss the problems now affecting shipping in the Western Hemisphere. The shipping interests of the United States have responded wholeheartedly to the invitation to name representatives to attend in a consultative capacity and many groups have designated high-ranking officials. The United States delegates are Mr. Henry F. Grady, Assistant Secretary of State, and Mr. Max O’Rell Truitt, Commissioner of the Maritime Commission.

Please impress upon the appropriate officials of the Government to which you are accredited the importance of the Conference and express the hope that all the American republics will take full advantage of the opportunity afforded for the attendance of shipping experts.

For your information, the Government to which you are accredited has designated the Ambassador in Washington.

  1. The same, mutatis mutandis, November 9, to the other American diplomatic missions in the American Republics.