561.333D3/72: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Braden) to the Secretary of State

269. For the Under Secretary. I spent 2 hours with President11 and 2 hours with Minister for Foreign Affairs12 today. They both expressed their grave concern respecting coffee situation and its repercussions on national economy of Colombia. They declare any overthrow of the Government is utterly impossible but admit there will be great dissatisfaction with the administration, which will hamper its activities in all directions.

They both emphasize that minor producers such as Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba and others, in quota conversations have taken unreasonable attitude which in reality demonstrates a lack of continental solidarity and anything Colombia may say to them will be ignored. Therefore, the Minister for Foreign Affairs requests, since it would be most helpful and deeply appreciated here, that you, while in no way exerting coercion, indicate to the aforementioned countries that they should take a more cooperative attitude on “the New York agreement”.

While I am uninformed of the negotiations and the conditions in the other countries, I can assure you that the situation here is critical. Therefore, I strongly recommend that every proper assistance be given to the Colombians without delay.

  1. Eduardo Santos.
  2. Luis López de Mesa.