Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of International Conferences (Kelchner)2

The Government of Ecuador has just appointed Captain Alfaro as its representative on the Emergency Committee for the Provisional Administration of European Colonies and Possessions in the Americas. This appointment is the fourteenth and, therefore, in accordance with the Act of Habana, the Committee is now constituted.

There is attached herewith a list of the present members of the Emergency Committee. I understand that the Pan American Union is making an appropriate announcement.

Warren Kelchner

Emergency Committee for the Provisional Administration of European Colonies and Possessions in the Americas

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Bolivia Señor Dr. Don Luis Fernando Guachalla, Minister at Washington.
Brazil Senhor Doutor Mauricio Nabuco
Costa Rica Dr. Don Luis Fernández Rodriguez, Minister at Washington.
Cuba Señor Dr. Pedro Martínez Fraga, Ambassador at Washington.
Dominican Republic Señor Don Andrés Pastoriza, Minister at Washington.
Ecuador Señor Capitán Colón Eloy Alfaro, Ambassador at Washington.
El Salvador Señor Dr. Don Hector David Castro, Minister at Washington.
Guatemala Señor Dr. Don Adrian Recinos, Minister at Washington.
Haiti Mr. Elie Lescot, Minister at Washington.
Honduras Señor Dr. Don Julian R. Caceres, Minister at Washington.
Panama Señor Dr. Don Jorge E. Boyd, Ambassador at Washington.
Peru Señor Don Manuel de Freyre Y Santander, Ambassador at Washington.
United States The Honorable Sumner Welles, Under Secretary of State.
Venezuela Señor Dr. Don Díogenes Escalante, Ambassador at Washington.

[This Emergency Committee did not actually function. Upon the declaration of war against the United States by Germany and Italy, the Department of State took action to have the membership reconstituted with diplomatic representatives in Washington to replace those who were no longer in this country. The powers and functions of the committee were transferred to the Inter-American Commission for Territorial Administration which was set up in accordance with the Convention signed at Habana, July 30, 1940, which became effective January 8, 1942 (Treaty Series No. 977; 56 Stat. 1273.) Pending designation of new members, the members of the Emergency Committee became members of the new commission.]

  1. Addressed to the Secretary of State and to the Under Secretary of State (Welles).