710.Consultation(2)/66a: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions in the American Republics

Inasmuch as there appears to have arisen a misunderstanding with regard to the date of the forthcoming meeting of foreign ministers, you are requested immediately to recall to the attention of the Foreign Minister of the country to which you are accredited that this Government, far from specifying any date, requested to be informed of the earliest date at which the delegates of the country to which you are accredited could attend, and that it was and continues to be the clear understanding of this Government that the fixing of the date for the meeting would depend upon the time necessary for the countries most distant from the seat of the conference to attend.

You should add that inasmuch as several of the countries of South America have indicated the impossibility of their delegates arriving at the place of the meeting prior to July 15, it is clear that the meeting cannot take place before that date.

If any inquiries are made regarding the agenda of the conference, you may state that, as in the case of the Panama meeting it is suggested that the same procedure be followed and that the agenda be agreed upon by the Governing Board of the Pan American Union. You may add that this Government hopes to lay certain suggestions before the Government to which you are accredited for its consideration.