810.20 Defense/410: Telegram

The Minister in Uruguay (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

289. Guani tells me that his talk with Roca45 will take place probably Monday next, December 9. He said that he has known Roca for years and that the talk will be of an informal nature “without documents”.

He said that he would seek at the outset to place the conversation on a “national basis” (his conception is that Uruguay is entering upon this conversation with Argentina because of the friendly, good neighborly relations existing between the two countries, and not because of recognition of any right on the part of another state to be consulted regarding Uruguayan action in matters within Uruguayan competence and sovereignty). With this in mind he would explain what Uruguay considers it desirable and possible to do as regards developments of facilities in certain Uruguayan ports, would discuss Uruguayan practice as regards use of her ports by belligerent vessels, such as cases in which Uruguay has allowed British war vessels to stay longer in port than is permissible under the Hague Convention, et cetera.

Having laid the basis for the talks, he would then proceed to discuss the conversations with United States officers on continental defense, and the obligations in this field which Uruguay has assumed as a result of inter-American agreements.

With further reference to “national basis” he remarked that he was glad that the conversation would take place on Uruguayan territory.

He added that he had various other questions to discuss with Roca, such as Argentina’s delay in replying to the Uruguayan draft proposal for a commercial agreement.

Guani again said that he wanted to express his regrets for the publicity given to confidential documents in the Senate and Chamber debates. He said “There will be no more publicity so far as I am concerned.”

Copy to Buenos Aires.

  1. Julio Roca, Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs.