810.20 Defense/197/14: Telegram

The Minister in Uruguay (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

162. For Under Secretary. I hope that the Uruguayan request for information and advice regarding aviation material transmitted with my despatch 398 of July 1, 194032 may be acted upon sympathetically and promptly.

[Page 164]

I know that the President, the Minister for Defense34 and others in the Government have been deeply disappointed and discouraged by the fact that the United States Government was unable to assist them in the slightest way when in the existing emergency they requested assistance in financing the rearmament program. (Brazil gave them arms without discussing terms even, and they are now approaching the Spanish Government in an effort to obtain military equipment.) They are unable to understand why the United States Government cannot implement in some practical way its frequent assurances of cooperation. The failure of the United States to do so obviously may have its effect on the policies adopted by the Uruguayan Government.

Because of the foregoing I believe it is important that we do everything possible to be of assistance to them without delay in connection with their present request concerning aviation material.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted a request by the Uruguayan Government for certain war material, especially airplanes, to be obtained in the United States (810.20 Defense/194/14).
  2. Alfredo R. Campos.