810.20 Defense/341/12: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Norweb ) to the Secretary of State

56. Department’s 47, May 23, noon.17 I saw the Minister for Foreign Affairs18 this afternoon. His immediate reaction was definitely favorable. He said that the suggestion was a step of transcendental importance and one which could not have been taken were it not for the results achieved at the Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lima and Panama conferences. He then mentioned the rumor that the British Government might be transferred to Canada and asked if this would not affect the situation with respect to concerted action by the American Republics under the suggestion. I said that such an event would present special problem whereas the suggestion contemplates coordination of effort for the general security and defense of the republics of this continent. The Minister said that the matter is of such importance that he will place it before the President this afternoon and will arrange for me to see President Prado tomorrow.

The question of the maintenance of secrecy is of concern to me. …For this reason I requested that for the present the matter be kept strictly confidential between the President, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and myself.

  1. See footnote 20, p. 16.
  2. Alfredo Solf y Muro.