815.20/38: Telegram

The Minister in Honduras ( Erwin ) to the Secretary of State

76. The Honduran Government has requested me to inform the Government of the United States its desire to obtain, as promptly as possible, the services of an American Army officer thoroughly trained in infantry matters who is capable of: (1) inspecting the arms, equipment, [Page 132] and apparatus pertaining the Honduran infantry; (2) submitting recommendations, based on the above survey, to the Government for the improvement of this branch of the army. This Government also suggests that an officer from the Canal Zone, having a perfect command of Spanish, would be most appropriate for this purpose. His salary and transportation expenses will be borne by Honduras.

Since this matter has received the personal attention of the President, it is respectfully recommended that the War Department be encouraged to take immediate action on this request, in accordance with paragraph 1C of the agenda for staff conversations set forth in the Department’s telegram of August 4, 4 p.m.84

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