814.24/102: Telegram

The Chargé in Guatemala (Cabot) to the Secretary of State

115. Department’s telegram 88 of November 7, 6 p.m. In a talk which I had today with the Foreign Minister, he made it evident that the President was still kicking at the idea of sending a military mission to Guatemala. He explained that Guatemala had had a military officers’ school many years; that consequently it had plenty of military instructors who were able to give adequate training to the Guatemalan Army and that, therefore, Guatemala did not need such a mission. He also intimated that after the staff talks he saw no necessity of sending an officer here to make a survey.

In view of the President’s attitude toward this matter (see my despatches Nos. 1390 of July 24, and 1552 of October 30),66 I feel that we should not press the point of a military mission at the present time but should emphasize that the staff talks did not deal in detail with the Guatemalan needs in arms, equipment and training planes and that this officer would come here to make such a detailed survey. His studies could scarcely help but convince the Guatemalan Government of the need of a military mission, if any arms or planes are to be used for training purposes. Glass and June continue to concur with me in the despatches under reference, the appropriate parts of which I have discreetly and informally urged on Guatemalan officials from time to time. I believe, however, it would be more effective if I were authorized by instruction to speak to the Guatemalan authorities in the general sense suggested above and in those despatches.

  1. Neither printed.