811.3332/97b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Caffery )

179. From the Under Secretary. In our opinion it is advisable that the U. S. S. Quincy and the U. S. S. Wichita remain within 3 days’ easy steaming distance of Montevideo. Mr. Armour has indicated that a visit to an Argentine port might be undesirable at this time. Accordingly, after consultation with the Navy Department a schedule of visits to Brazilian ports and to Montevideo has been drawn up which it is hoped will be satisfactory.

If you perceive no objection you should request permission from the appropriate Brazilian authorities for the U. S. S. Quincy on the termination of her visit in Montevideo June 25 to visit Santos June 28 to July 3, Rio de Janeiro July 5 to July 10, and Rio Grande do Sul July 13 to 18.

[Page 1164]

You should also request permission for the U. S. S. Wichita upon completion of her visit in Rio de Janeiro about June 27 to visit Rio Grande do Sul July 1 to 5 and Santos July 15 to 19. The Wichita will visit Montevideo in the interim between her visits to Rio Grande do Sul and Santos.

Please expedite reply. [Welles.]