The Acting Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador (Castillo Nájera)

Excellency: I refer to Your Excellency’s note no. 3261 of May 18, 194079 in which comment is made upon the Department’s communication of February 15, 1940 with reference to this Government’s proposal of December 27, 1939 that an agreement be entered into between the two Governments confirming the present uses of Lower Colorado River waters on Mexican lands and similar uses of Lower Rio Grande waters on American lands in the State of Texas.

While I am gratified to learn that your Government would be most favorably disposed to study and consider the interest of this Government with respect to special problems pertaining to the international water situation, I sincerely regret that your Government finds the proposal contained in the Department’s communication of December 27 unacceptable.

Accept [etc.]

Sumner Welles

[Further negotiations regarding waters of the Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers were merged in efforts to arrive at a general settlement of outstanding questions between the United States and Mexico. See pages 1040 ff.]

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