812.52 Agrarian Commission/181: Telegram

The American Commissioner, Agrarian Claims Commission (Lawson) to the Secretary of State

Reporting further Agrarian Claims conversations in El Paso with Mexican Commissioner. Serrano proposes to leave July 20 for Mexico City to complete his independent appraisal of claims which he states will require about 10 days.

It is respectfully suggested that the Mexican Ambassador might now be urged to take steps to ensure that negotiations for final settlement, along the lines indicated in the memorandum presented to him on April 9, may be undertaken as soon as Serrano’s appraisal is made available to the Mexican Government which presumably will be early in August.

Confidential report of appraisal by the American Section of approximately $23,000,000 is being mailed to the Department for study and use in connection with possible direct negotiations with the Mexican Ambassador.