812.52 Agrarian Commission/150: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the American Commissioner, Agrarian Claims Commission (Lawson)

Reference your letter June 4.15

The opinion of the Mexican Government expressed at the Department by the Mexican Ambassador on June 4 is in harmony with our own that it is advisable to reach a prompt settlement of the agrarian claims. The Department is informing the Mexican Ambassador that you have been given the below-described authorization and suggesting that by June 25 an agreement be reached for a global settlement.

[Page 959]

You are authorized to submit to Serrano the list described in the second sentence beginning on page 4 of your letter.

You may also submit the list referred to in the last paragraph of your letter of June 4. Values indicated by you should be those alleged by the claimants. Please seek to have such of these claims as possess merit included in the global settlement. It is understood that some of the claims in this group may be meritorious but not within the jurisdiction of the Commission; such claims may be excluded from the global settlement if the Mexican Commissioner insists but every effort should be made to include them failing which you should reserve our right to present them later as diplomatic claims. Claims clearly not meritorious should be rejected by both Commissioners so as to give finality to the action taken.

The oral statements previously made to you by the Undersecretary as to negotiations and values remain in effect except as herein modified.

We have received assurances from the Mexican Ambassador that Serrano would be authorized to discuss immediately the reaching of a global settlement without controversial discussion as to the various categories of the claims.

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