810.20 Defense/305/11

The Minister in Costa Rica (Hornibrook) to the Secretary of State17
No. 2258

Sir: I have the honor to refer to the Department’s strictly confidential telegram No. 41 [42] of June 5, 6 p.m., and to report as follows:

Major Jerome and Captain Taylor arrived in San José on June 9 and spent the greater part of the same afternoon in consultation with me at the residence. The general outline of the questions which they proposed to submit to the President of the Republic was approved [Page 87] by me, and others suggested, all of which were submitted at the interview which was arranged for the following afternoon.

After the usual preliminary exchange of courtesies the two officers propounded their questions. They conducted themselves as officers and gentlemen and used rare tact and discretion in the method of approach. At no time during the interview did the President appear to be irritated with their frankness, and on the contrary, appeared to appreciate the candor with which the entire matter was being presented.

After the interview had been completed highballs were served in the President’s adjoining home. On this occasion, as during the interview, the President was courtesy and kindness combined and showed every indication of his appreciation of the interest which the United States Government is taking in the possible internal disturbances in Costa Rica.

I commend to the Department the importance of the enclosed memorandum18 which was prepared by the two officers, in collaboration with Vice-Consul Ben Zweig, who accompanied me as a Legation interpreter.

Respectfully yours,

Wm. H. Hornibrook
  1. Printed from carbon copy. Original not found in Department files. No receipt date indicated.
  2. Not printed. The President indicated the willingness of Costa Rica to cooperate fully with the United States in defense measures.