124.60C/89: Telegram

The Ambassador in Poland ( Biddle ) to the Secretary of State

260. 1. In view of (a) increased violence of aerial attacks over Warsaw and (b) turn for worse on northern front whereby German troops have made considerable advance towards Warsaw during past 24 hours,8 the Polish Government decided early this morning to initiate gradual evacuation of Government offices and foreign diplomatic missions from Warsaw, latter to Naleczow situated 23 kilometers west of Lublin. This adjacent to locality whereto Foreign Minister and staff propose shortly to move.

2. Accordingly, this evening will start evacuating by stages taking confidential codes.

3. Will advise you later of address as to where we can reestablish communications.

4. Military Attaché and Harrison9 remaining in Warsaw at Chancery until final evacuation is ordered of which you will be notified.

  1. For correspondence concerning the invasion of Poland by Germany, see vol. i, pp. 402 ff.
  2. Landreth M. Harrison, Second Secretary of Embassy in Poland.