125.9816/277: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Poland (Biddle)

48. Your 208, August 25, 7 p.m.

Plans described have the Department’s general approval.
With reference to the last paragraph the Department deems it important that if possible in the event of the occupation of Warsaw the hostile forces should find on their arrival the American Consulate General open and functioning either in its own quarters or in the Embassy, or both, in charge of a responsible officer. Such continuing character of the office may avoid any question of “reopening” or “establishing” a consular office in territory under German control.
While this is the objective the Department certainly does not wish to subject any personnel to undue risks and necessarily leaves to your discretion or in the event that communications are cut to that of the senior officer at Warsaw or Constantsa the decision as to whether or to what extent it should be achieved.
The selection of officers and personnel to remain in Warsaw or Constantsa and selection of point to which those not remaining should be removed is also left to the discretion of the senior officer on the spot who will to the extent possible keep you and the Department informed.