Participation of the United States in preliminary negotiations for a conference to conclude an international wheat agreement

[The tenth session of the Wheat Advisory Committee established under article 7 of the Final Act of the Conference of Wheat Exporting and Importing Countries, London, August 25, 1933 (see Foreign Relations, 1933, volume I, pages 787 ff.), was held in London, January 10–13, 1939, under the chairmanship of the senior member of the United States delegation, Mr. Ray Atherton, American Minister to Bulgaria. A Preparatory Wheat Advisory Committee, appointed at this session to prepare agenda for a proposed conference to conclude an international wheat agreement, held meetings in London, January 31–February 17, and April 13–May 17, 1939, with Mr. Atherton as chairman; see Department of State publication 1453 (Conference Series 45): American Delegations to International Conferences … 1939 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1940), pages 56, 61, 69, and 128.

The Preparatory Wheat Advisory Committee reconvened in London for a third meeting July 7, 1939. The Committee continued its sessions until August 25, when it was decided, in view of the international situation, to postpone further meetings subject to recall by the chairman; telegram No. 1246, August 25, 1939, 4 p.m., from the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (561.311F1 Advisory Committee/945).]