579.6AE1/37: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in the United Kingdom (Johnson)

56. The present agenda concerning exemptions from customs and other duties for aircraft, to be considered at the conference to be convened in London on February 21, deals only with exemptions for fuel and lubricants on arrival and departure. It is believed that the assembling of this conference will afford an opportunity to deal with:

An extension of the contemplated exemptions to fuel and lubricants consumed between arrival and departure.
Exemption from customs and other duties on merchandise for use as supplies and replacements, including spare parts and equipment, upon or in the maintenance or repair of aircraft.
Exemption from customs and other duties of ground equipment necessary for the establishment and maintenance of air bases and scheduled services of air carriers and experimental flights in connection therewith. For example, ground radio equipment, beaching gear, meteorological and other aids to air navigation.
Relief from double income taxation on profits derived from the operation of aircraft.

Please telegraph, as soon as possible, whether British Government is willing to add these additional items to agenda.