811.24 Raw Materials/110a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Kennedy)

321. Mr. Viles28 is sailing on the Normandie May 2. The Department has informed him fully regarding the proposal to exchange American commodities for rubber and tin and he will be prepared therefore to discuss the matter informally with members of the international rubber committee. He may be of some use to you with regard to all aspects of the matter affecting rubber, since he has studied jointly with War and Navy and other Government officials this country’s requirements of rubber in time of emergency and ways of acquiring and holding adequate rubber reserves. He possesses the trust and esteem of the members of the International Rubber Regulation Committee and various officials of the British and Netherlands Governments.

  1. A. L. Viles, president of Rubber Manufacturers’ Association and American representative on the Advisory Panel of the International Rubber Regulation Committee.