811.24 Raw Materials/86: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Kennedy)

295. Your 558, April 26, noon. The War and Navy Departments have recommended minimum reserve stocks of approximately 250,000 short tons of crude rubber and over 50,000 long tons of pig tin. Larger stocks of both materials would be useful, however. Discussion of desirable rubber stocks has recently turned around a figure of 500,000 tons or more, so as to provide a reserve for at least 12 months’ consumption. There would also be logic in providing a reserve of tin in excess of 70,000 tons, equal to 12 months’ requirements. As a matter of fact, the War and Navy Departments would be prepared to consider the acquisition of stocks equal to 2 years’ requirements, particularly in the case of tin, which would not require rotation in storage.

For your information, even though appropriations for direct purchase of strategic materials be made under pending legislation, no funds would be available for purchase of rubber; if necessary, some direct purchases of tin might be made, though they would be very limited because other strategic materials are also needed.