812.52/2051: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State

201. Department’s telegram No. 198, November 17, 6 p.m. By despatch which left November 17th21 I reported that Yepis had seen Acting Chief of Agrarian Department who agreed to give American land owners 2 weeks or until November 30th in which to submit their plan which he promised would receive that Department’s very careful consideration. Whether President Cárdenas has constitutional authority to reverse a previous presidential decree would seem to be a matter for the Supreme Court to determine. However, paragraph 18 of article No. 27 of the Constitution22 might well be interpreted as empowering the Executive to cancel Mexican Yaqui Valley colonization status. Paragraph 13 designates the President as the supreme agrarian authority. In any event I recommend that at this time no mention of any such doubt be made to Mexicans since it would merely serve to indispose the President without serving any useful purpose. For action taken please see my despatches numbers 4023 and 4025 of October 17 and 20, respectively. It is reported in today’s newspapers that President will probably visit Sonora and Yaqui Valley in the near future.