812.52/2013: Telegram

The Vice Consul at Guaymas (Yepis) to the Secretary of State

Referring to my despatch No. 280, of October 5,14 regarding agrarian situation in the Yaqui Valley. I have just been informed that the last offer of the land owners has been rejected by agrarians and that American land owners are prepared to make offer of settlement which I suggested to them as described in my despatch above cited. My informant stated that American land owners desire me to go to Ciudad Obregón to assist them in their endeavors to have new plan accepted. I feel I can be of considerable assistance to them by helping to induce Mexican land owners, agrarians and government officials to accept the new plan. After much thought I believe that the new plan is most advantageous for all but chiefly for the Americans who otherwise will soon inevitably lose the bulk of their lands.

I earnestly suggest that I be authorized to act as outlined above and that temporary relief officers be sent immediately to Guaymas.

Embassy informed.

  1. Not printed.