815.001 Carias A., Tiburcio/35

President Roosevelt to President Carias 10

Great and Good Friend: I have received the letter of the 20th of April last in which Your Excellency announced your continuance in the office of the Presidency of Honduras for the term ending January 1, 1943, by virtue of a decree of the National Constituent Assembly of Honduras promulgated on the 15th day of April last.

I cordially reciprocate the sentiments you express for the continuance of the friendly relations existing between the United States of America and Honduras, and I assure Your Excellency of my best wishes for your personal welfare and for the prosperity of the Republic over which you have been called to preside.

Your Good Friend,
Franklin D. Roosevelt

By the President:
Cordell Hull
Secretary of State.
  1. Transmitted with covering letter from the Secretary of State to the Honduran Minister for Foreign Affairs in Department’s instruction No. 109, June 5, to the Chargé in Honduras.