The Chargé in Guatemala (O’Donoghue) to the Secretary of State

No. 910

Sir: With reference to the Department’s telegram No. 5 of February 13, 5 p.m.,8a in connection with the note concerning chicle suggested in the Department’s telegram No. 36, of December 13, 2 p.m.,9 I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a self-explanatory informal note which I addressed to the Guatemalan Foreign Minister on February 17, 1936. Not having had any reply from the Minister, I mentioned the matter to him in a conversation recently and asked him if such a note would be agreeable to Guatemala. He seemed somewhat vague concerning it and indicated that so long as the question of chicle could not be included in the Trade Agreement, the matter might be allowed to lapse. This new attitude, if it may be so called, upon his part may have been brought about by recent British Honduras regulations governing chicle.

Respectfully yours,

Sidney E. O’Donoghue

The American Chargé (O’Donoghue) to the Guatemalan Minister for Foreign Affairs (Skinner Klee)

My Dear Mr. Minister: As Your Excellency will doubtless recall, on or about December fourteen Mr. Hanna had one or more conversations with you concerning the assistance of the United States in preventing illicit trade in chicle. If I recall correctly, Mr. Hanna showed you a copy of a note, or at least suggested the type of note which the Legation could submit to Your Excellency in this respect. [Page 592] May I, therefore, venture to inquire if the following note will be acceptable to Your Excellency:

“The Government of the United States is aware of the difficulties which the Government of Guatemala is experiencing in controlling the export of crude chicle and is desirous of cooperating within the limits of its authority with the Government of Guatemala in preventing chicle illegally exported from Guatemala from entering the United States as chicle originating in third countries. The Government of the United States accordingly assures the Government of Guatemala that it will give most careful and sympathetic study to any proposal designed to assist in accomplishing the foregoing purpose”.

If the foregoing is agreeable to Your Excellency, I shall be glad to draw up an official communication textually the same as above for submission to Your Excellency’s Government.

With warm personal regards [etc.]

Sidney E. O’Donoghue