611.2231/88: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Ecuador ( Sparks )

44. Your 59, December 15.31 Please inform the Ecuadoran authorities that we are now prepared to initiate negotiations with a view to the conclusion of a mutually beneficial trade agreement and that we accordingly desire on January 2nd or shortly thereafter to make public announcement of intention to negotiate with Ecuador. This announcement will include the statement that at a later date public announcement [Page 517] will be made of the articles under consideration as subjects for concessions to be granted to Ecuador. This second announcement will constitute a formal invitation to our domestic interests to submit briefs with respect to the listed articles and will set a date for public hearings before the Committee for Reciprocity Information. Meanwhile, it is expected that negotiations will actively be proceeding with respect to the general provisions as well as the reciprocal concessions with a view to the conclusion of an agreement as soon as practicable following completion of the above mentioned public hearings in this country which the Trade Agreement Act32 requires.

If you find it essential, you may point out to the Ecuadoran authorities that the foregoing involves only our own procedure here and that it does not involve our making public announcement, prior to conclusion of agreement, of the products on which we shall seek concessions from Ecuador. We therefore do not believe that the Ecuadoran authorities need have any particular concern over this procedure but merely desire their acquiescence in order that we may make public announcement of intention to negotiate on January 2 or shortly thereafter.

For your confidential information we are instituting certain modifications in our general procedure here, with particular reference to public announcement of intention to negotiate and opportunity to interested persons to be heard as required under Section 4 of Trade Agreements Act. You will be fully instructed by mail as to nature of and reasons for these changes. Department desires to proceed on the basis of the revised procedure as soon as practicable. Early negotiations with Ecuador will afford a most convenient opportunity.

Please inform Department by telegram as early as possible next week whether the proposed announcement of intention to negotiate, as outlined in paragraph 1, is agreeable to the Ecuadoran authorities.

  1. Not printed; see despatch No. 633, December 15, p. 512.
  2. Approved June 12, 1934; 48 Stat. 943.