611.1831/121: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

48. First. Foreign Minister declares he is deeply grateful for the Department’s telegram No. 32.20

Second. Reference telephone conversation yesterday, Foreign Minister expresses the hope Department will be able to receive approval of all parties concerned in order that trade agreement can be signed here on Saturday. With this end in view he is having final draft of the treaty prepared, subject, of course, to the Department’s approval.

Draft is in accordance with telegraphic instruction No. 26, June 18, 1 p.m., with Guatemalan text general provisions substituted in accordance with my telegram No. 35 of June 15.

In Spanish text of schedule I Foreign Minister prefers use of note preceding schedule I in Guatemalan treaty. He claims this is better Spanish than translation prepared in Department and I agreed to the substitution assuming, of course, that Department would perceive no objection. As note 3 in schedule I the following is proposed by Foreign Minister in reference to proposed eliminated items concerning pork products: “Note 3. It is agreed that the Costa Rican later report [Costa Rican law?] No. 11 of May 21, 1934, and existing customs tariffs which establish duties on hog and vegetable lard and on other pork products shall not be modified during the period expressed in the laws or during the life of this treaty without the agreement of the two contracting countries.” I am forwarding in clear Spanish text of this note.21

Will appreciate if Department will advise me as soon as possible whether Costa Rican proposals are acceptable.

  1. Dated September 1, 7 p.m.; not printed.
  2. Telegram No. 49, September 2, 3 p.m.; not printed.