The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1232

Sir: For the information of the Department I have the honor to enclose herewith a memorandum written by me on August 11, 1936, following a visit on the day before with the Foreign Minister, and a second memorandum written on August 18, 1936, of a conversation earlier that day with Mr. Jiménez.19

The memoranda are self-explanatory. It will be noted that Mr. Jiménez of his own accord on August 10th reopened the question of the trade agreement negotiations. This was his first reference to the matter since his conversation with me on Friday, June 19th (see my despatch No. 1176), when he definitely assured me that on the following Monday he would advise me further concerning the new studies the Costa Rican Government was having made of the anticipated alleged losses in customs revenues.

In accordance with my own inclinations and in accordance with the Department’s instruction No. 27 of June 29, 1936, I have not initiated conversations with Mr. Jiménez nor any other government official since.

The Department will note that although Mr. Jiménez told me on August 10th that he would write me a letter proposing a modification of the item on lard in the proposed agreement, I have not as of this date (noon on August 20th) received his communication.

The Department will also note in my memorandum of August 18th (two days ago), Mr. Jiménez apologized for his delay in sending me [Page 399] the proposed letter and he again promised to send it the next day but I have not received it yet.

I assume that he intends to forward the letter and when he does I shall notify the Department by telegraph. In the meanwhile this despatch with its enclosures is for the Department’s background information.

Respectfully yours,

Leo R. Sack
  1. Neither printed.