611.1831/104: Telegram

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Sack ) to the Secretary of State

34. Foreign Minister Jiménez today proposed the utilization of the Spanish text of the general provisions of the treaty with Guatemala14 word for word, substituting of course Costa Rica for Guatemala. As heretofore reported this Government has never been satisfied with the Spanish text as prepared originally in the Department and despite efforts under Gurdián to improve text, Foreign Minister feels that the translation used in Guatemalan treaty is infinitely superior and is fully acceptable to this Government.

If this is satisfactory to the Department, Foreign Minister prefers to have the treaty prepared here with a view to signature perhaps next Saturday, if possible. This Legation will use utmost care in checking English and Spanish texts of documents, and, if Department perceives no objection, I recommend that this procedure be followed to expedite signature. Text printed in Diario de Centro America of Guatemala, May 9, this year. As added precaution, am requesting Legation at Guatemala to forward on Monday’s plane official Spanish text.

  1. Signed April 24, 1936; for text, see Department of State Executive Agreement Series No. 92, or 49 Stat. 3989. For correspondence, see pp. 584 ff.