The Secretary of State to the Colombian Minister (López Pumarejo)

Sir: I wish to acknowledge the receipt of your note of April 18, 1936, with reference to the unfortunate incident involving the illegal entry into your Legation of agents of the Department of Justice. I was happy to learn that the measures taken by this Department and [Page 372] the Department of Justice, and the assurances given by both Departments are satisfactory to you and to your Government, and that this incident will in no way prejudice the existing friendly relations between our two countries which, it is my hope, may be further strengthened during the coming years.

In expressing my deep appreciation for the friendly manner in which you and your Government have dealt with this unfortunate affair, I desire to inform you that the agents of the Department of Justice who committed the illegal entry have been suspended without pay for a period of sixty days.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Sumner Welles