824.00/765: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia ( Muccio ) to the Secretary of State

30. The following are evidence of increasing stability of Junta. The country continues peaceful. There is no organized opposition to the Junta. The Liberals and the Genuinos are at present impotent and the Socialist Republicans and Socialists are parties to the Junta. Not only have no political arrests been made but Junta proclamation of May 23 raised state of siege restrictions and proclaimed general amnesty for political prisoners, though Genuinos have not yet all been released. Moderation of proclamations and of the minimum platform proclaimed by the Junta has greatly eased the fear of an extremist administration.

Only disfavorable factors evident are that Workers Federation is still in possession of municipal building flying red flag. Basic, social and economic problems still have to be solved. It will be miraculous if army and Republican Socialists can long cooperate on Junta.

I have been informed by representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru that they are informing their respective Governments that stability of Junta warrants recognition.

Repeated to Buenos Aires.