824.01/43: Telegram

The Chargé in Bolivia (Muccio) to the Secretary of State

29. The following is translation of the pertinent part of a note received from Minister of Foreign Affairs:

“In placing this fact before you and in regard to the circumstance that the new situation, which counts with the support of the people and of the army, is now definitely consolidated, permit me to request that you take up with your illustrious Government the question of formal recognition, which would make normal the relations of this Chancellery with the Legation and thus facilitate the realization of the program of the Junta of Government which, in international matters, [Page 234] is one of sincere intimacy of Bolivia to all friendly nations, of a close and harmonious cooperation and the strict observance of existing pacts.”

Shall await Department’s instructions prior to acknowledging.

While the country is peaceful and the Junta has appearances of stability, it will be most extraordinary if divergent members can cooperate in facing critical, social and economic conditions.

Repeated to Buenos Aires.