The Secretary of State to the Argentine Ambassador (Espil)

Excellency: I have pleasure in transmitting herewith to the members of the Sub-Committee created by resolution of the Inter-American Committee on April 15 last a list of the subjects which the Government of the United States will be happy to have included in the preliminary draft of the program of the Inter-American Conference to be held in Buenos Aires.19

I should like at the same time to advise you that this Government may desire to present further suggestions and proposals for inclusion in the program of the Conference for the consideration of the participating Governments, and that should this be the case, such suggestions or proposals will be transmitted at an early date.

Accept, [etc.]

Cordell Hull
[Page 17]

List of Subjects Transmitted to the Subcommittee

A. Perfection of existing Inter-American Peace Treaties.
B. New Peace Treaties.
Rules regarding Eights and Duties of Neutrals and Belligerents.
Conclusion of a Convention open to all nations supplementing and clarifying existing rules concerning Eights and Duties of Neutrals with reference to certain classes of Trade and Commerce.
Consideration of steps looking to a more comprehensive restatement of International Law pertaining to Neutral and Belligerent Eights and Duties.
Improvement of communications between the American Republics.
Steamship communication.
Pan American Highway.
Facilitation by government action of the exchange of Teachers and Students between the American Republics.
Inter-American Trade.
Tariff truce among the American Republics involving a pledge to create no new discriminations.
Proposals concerning principles of equality of trade opportunity, and consideration of steps looking forward to ensuring application of those principles.
  1. For the program of the Conference, see Special Handbook for the Use of Delegates, p. 4.