810.154/891: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Costa Rica (Sack)

14. It is understood that Mr. James of the Bureau of Public Roads will arrive in San José shortly. Upon his arrival you may, in company with him, inform the appropriate authorities that this Government is contemplating offering cooperation in the construction of additional bridges in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panamá and that funds will be set aside until as late a date as practicable for possible assistance to Costa Rica. You may say that, while there is no desire to hasten the Costa Rican reply to the offer of assistance already made, if Costa Rica declines to accept assistance or if there is too protracted a delay in replying, the funds set aside will, or course, be expended in other countries which are desirous of receiving further assistance.

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Please report the results of your conversation.

The Department does not desire you to enter into any commitments with reference to specific assistance now. However, if the Costa Rican authorities are prepared to discuss details of possible bridge construction, you and Mr. James may discuss it with them informally, and you should report to the Department the details of your discussion, together with your recommendations, and the Department will instruct you further upon the return of Mr. James to Washington.

For your own and Mr. James’ information, it is this Government’s desire that to the extent it may be practicable the one million dollars when expended shall have been apportioned equally among the five countries to which assistance is being given or contemplated. Mr. James can supply you with revised estimates of the costs to the United States of the bridges in the construction of which this Government has already agreed to cooperate.