810.154/891a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Guatemala (O’Donoghue)

20. You are authorized, in company with Mr. James, of the Bureau of Public Roads, to enter into informal conversations with the Government of Guatemala with reference to the possibility of this Government’s donating a second bridge to Guatemala along the route of the Inter-American Highway.

In giving consideration to the bridge which may be donated, you should bear in mind that it is planned that the portion of the appropriation of one million dollars remaining unexpended should be expended in further bridge construction in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panamá, and that it is this Government’s desire that to the extent it may be practicable the one million dollars, when expended, shall have been apportioned equally among the five countries to which assistance is being given. Mr. James can supply you with the revised estimates of the cost to the United States of the bridges in the construction of which this Government has already agreed to cooperate.

Please report the results of your conversations.

In this connection it is desired that no commitments be made at this time. After consideration of the recommendations made by you and Mr. James the Department will following the return of Mr. James to Washington instruct you with reference to the specific assistance to be offered.