767.68119/927: Telegram

The Chargé in Turkey (Shaw) to the Secretary of State

26. Department’s 32, June 25, 6 p.m. In view of delay in consulting Ambassador I submit following personal opinion: Statements made by Foreign Minister to the Ambassador on April 22 and to me on April 10, see bottom of page Embassy’s despatch No. 20 April [14] are official declarations of Turkish Government’s policy with respect to commercial navigation of the Straits and were deliberately given as such. That navigation is to be at least as free as under Lausanne convention and vessels of all countries whether or not signatory to new convention will benefit without any discrimination whatsoever. Text of convention proposed by Turks at Montreux bears out this view. Statements concerning commercial navigation essentially the same as those made to us were also made by Dr. Aras and Foreign Office officials to several other representatives of non-conference powers. From the outset the Turks have spared no efforts to make their position on this point perfectly clear to everybody.