767.68119/919: Telegram (part air)

The Consul at Geneva (Gilbert) to the Secretary of State

228. I learn from a Minister of a participating state that the present arrangement respecting the Conference on the Regime of the Straits is that it will convene as originally scheduled at Montreux on June 22nd and after setting up committees will adjourn a few days later until after the Assembly, the real decisions not to be taken until the second group of meetings. This is the appearance of a compromise, the Turks desiring the Conference before the Assembly and the British not wishing to participate in any decisions until they could know the Assembly results and also desiring to employ the Council and Assembly sessions as a bargaining ground for action respecting the Straits.

There are no evidences here of any particular French policy and the assumption is that France will follow Great Britain’s lead.

Consonant with the statement of the Italian representative, reported in my telegram 197, May 28, 2 p.m.24 third paragraph, he now advises that the Italians will not be represented at the opening of the Conference but may send an observer. This is a corollary of their general policy non-cooperation with the specific design of placing pressure on the Assembly.

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