711.00111 Armament Control/867a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister Resident in Ethiopia (Engert)

211. The Joint Resolution of Congress under which an embargo on the shipment of arms, ammunition, and implements of war to Italy and Ethiopia was proclaimed provides that “When in the judgment of the President the conditions which have caused him to issue his proclamation have ceased to exist he shall revoke the same and the provisions hereof shall thereupon cease to apply”.

In considering whether the President should revoke his proclamation with respect to the Italo-Ethiopian situation the Department desires an expression of your views as to whether it may be said that the war has definitely ended.

In view of the importance of the decision which may be reached [Page 195] the Department desires your very best judgment, after such careful investigation as you may discreetly make, as to whether it may be said that there is no longer any organized military opposition to the Italian forces in Ethiopia.

You will, in any conversations that you may have regarding the military situation in Ethiopia, carefully refrain from revealing the purpose of your investigation.