852.00/2254: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Straus ) to the Secretary of State

649. Madrid telephoned following message from Consul Franklin, Barcelona, with request it be repeated to Department:

Exeter arrived 10 a.m., today. Took all Americans wishing to go, 80 in number and about 80 other foreigners including 30 Germans, Belgians, South and Central Americans and Porto Ricans. Among these were Consul General of El Salvador and family, Consul General of Guatemala and family, wife and three children and mother-in-law of Franklin, and wife and two children of Consul Braddock. Ship was to leave at 6 p.m., today.

Consul at Barcelona communicated with Consul at Valencia today who said Valencia in hands Communists but Civil Government acting with strong hand and controlling the situation. American lives and property safe. Tarragona Consular Agent safe. Informs nearly all Americans left on British steamer. No anxiety for remaining Americans. End message from Barcelona.

Wendelin states that American newspaperman who has visited northern front with Governmental troops returned early this morning and reports that apparently Government troops can hold back rebels in north for many days.

Madrid continues to be quiet. There are now 140 Americans in Embassy not counting members of the staff. Every precaution taken to afford proper medical and sanitary assistance.

Water supply assured by large reserves and by guard posted to protect main supply. Food now ample for 2 weeks for all people there.

Unable to ascertain name of American woman wounded at Guadarrama; communication cut off there because of being in fighting zone. However, Director of General Security states that as she is in the sanatorium she is in the safest place there.

It is reported that direct cable communications with America has been reestablished but no cables received by Embassy.

Wendelin suggests Department try cabling direct.