852.00/2241: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Gibraltar ( Williams )

Your July 24, 2 p.m.60 Please let us know how many Americans may be left in Malaga who wish to be evacuated. The USS Quincy has been ordered to proceed direct to Malaga before calling at Gibraltar and is expected to arrive there the late afternoon or early evening of July 26. This same information and request has been sent direct to Malaga, but in view of the uncertainty of communications and in view of your contact with the refugees themselves, it seems preferable to get your reaction.

I may say in response to your inquiry with regard to news from Barcelona that we feel that you should submit to the Department any pertinent information which you may receive since we are not at all times sure that lines of communication are open.

In order to meet emergency expenses you are authorized to draw on the Department in the amount not to exceed $500.00. Draw separate draft render separate account referring to this telegram as authority therefor.

I deeply appreciate the assistance which the British Intelligence service is giving to you and I wish you would express to that Service my sincere thanks.

  1. Not printed.