655.116 Auto/6: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State

93. From Culbertson. Department’s telegram No. 77, November 21, 2 p.m. Belgians propose, in respect of tires a quota for the United States of 3600 quintals a year but not less than 15 percent of global quota. The alleged reasons for a quota are that rebuilt used tires are being imported in large quantities and that France (Michelin) threatens a price war. The proposed quota approximates an average of the imports during the years 1931–32 and exceeds imports for 1935 based on imports for the first 6 months. In view of the fact that we are a minor supplier; that tires are not scheduled in the Belgian-American agreement; and that we are to be accorded our proportionate share I feel we can raise no objection to the quota action proposed by the Belgians. Embassy concurs. [Culbertson.]