The Russian Financial Attaché (Ughet) to the Chief of the Division of Eastern European Affairs (Kelley)

Dear Mr. Kelley: The correspondence between the President of the United States and Mr. Kalinin, President of the All Union Central Executive Committee, leads me to believe that conditions may arise in the near future, where no further useful purpose can be served by my continuing to exercise the duties with which I was vested under the exchange of notes between the Russian Ambassador and the Secretary of State of April 28 and 29, 1922.18

In consequence of this belief, may I not request that my present status be discontinued at the earliest convenience of the Department of State. As to certain matters of a continuing character requiring further attention, I would respectfully suggest that after the date of the discontinuance of my status they be considered as being temporarily taken under the care of the United States Government.

In terminating my official activities, I deem it a paramount duty to express my deep appreciation for the unfailing consideration with which I have been treated at the Department of State. Permit me also to say that if a moral satisfaction has been derived by me during the trying years of my service, it has been due mainly to the cognizance that I have enjoyed the confidence of the Government of the United States.

Very sincerely yours,

S. Ughet