611.5831/54: Telegram

The Minister in Sweden (Steinhardt) to the Secretary of State

19. With reference to the Department’s telegram 28, August 3, 3 p.m., material reduction of duty might be asked on the following:

Foodstuffs including fresh fruit, canned fruit and vegetables; motor vehicles, increased differential on trucks between unassembled and completed; parts for assembly, accessories and tires; upper leathers; motion pictures; and silk manufactures. Other impediments are excise tax on gasoline and tires, stringent pharmaceutical regulations and grain-mixing regulations. A further possible impediment may be the threatened compulsory mixing of alcohol with gasoline and a government monopoly on motor fuel distribution; also dumping of petroleum products by Russia which has been extensive.

Swedish objections [objectives?] no doubt will be retention on the free list without reduction as to quantity of wood pulp, newsprint, paper, and reductions for iron and high grade steel and steel products, granite, matches and industrial art products particularly glassware, pewter.

Report follows by mail.