868.6363/48: Telegram

The Chargé in Greece (Gade) to the Secretary of State

8. Department’s 3, January 12, 6 p.m. British Minister states that he had privately requested information regarding benzine monopoly bill from former Foreign Minister and will take no further action unless he receives instructions. He expressed doubt that instructions would be given at the present time since it would be difficult for his Government to object to revenue raising measures while demanding payment on service of loans. Belgian Minister has received no instructions but is suggesting to Socombel15 that it take matter up with Belgian Foreign Office. He believes any representations should be identical and made simultaneously by American, British, and Belgian Legations and that first step should be request for information in accordance with Department’s instructions to me. Owing to fall in Government I have been unable to make inquiry of competent Greek authorities but will do so at earliest opportunity.

Athens managers of the oil companies in a meeting Saturday agreed to oppose monopoly bills, to request assistance of respective Legations, and to make no direct representation to Greek Government without previously conferring with one another. I am mailing translation of bills.16

  1. Société Commerciale Beige.
  2. Not printed.