868.6363/47: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Greece (Gade)

3. Your despatch 2326, December 13.14 The Socony-Vacuum Corporation has advised the Department that the Greek Government has drafted two laws the first of which extends the present refined oil monopoly throughout Greece and the second of which provides for the distribution of benzine through existing organizations under strict Government control of overhead and selling price. The corporation has received information to the effect that the opposition party has withdrawn its objection to this proposed legislation the enactment of which is now imminent. The corporation represents that the practical effect of this legislation, will he to force it out of business in Greece with the resulting loss of an extensive investment.

Please confer with the appropriate authorities and state that under instructions from your Government you have been directed to request detailed and precise information with regard to the intentions of the Greek Government with respect to this legislation. Also consult with the British and Belgian Legations with a view to ascertaining what, if any, action they contemplate taking in this matter on behalf of the Shell Company and the Société Commerciale Beige, respectively. Advise the Department by telegraph of the results of your investigations and submit any comments or suggestions which you believe might be helpful to the Department in protecting American interests involved.

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