The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Acting Secretary of State

No. 268

Sir: With reference to my despatch No. 266 of November 16, 1933,98 transmitting the texts of the scrip agreements between the German Government and the Governments of Switzerland and Holland, I have the honor to enclose the text with translation of the Foreign Minister’s reply of November 15, 1933, to my Aide-Mémoire of November 3, 1933, left with the Minister as reported in my telegram No. 185 of that day.

As explained in my despatch under reference, the texts of the Agreements appear to have been despatched prior to my formal inquiry, but did not reach the Embassy until after the presentation of my Aide-Mémoire.

It will be seen from the Minister’s reply that should further information be desired, Dr. Ritter will gladly be at my disposal to that end. I therefore think it advisable to await the Department’s specific instructions as to the points concerning which further detailed information may be required before requesting additional details from the Foreign Office.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
John Campbell White

The German Minister for Foreign Affairs (Von Neurath) to the American Ambassador (Dodd)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: In reply to the Aide-Mémoire of November 3, 1933, left here on the occasion of your recent call, I have [Page 459] the honor to inform you that Herr Ministerialdirektor Ritter already had transmitted to Mr. Flack, Secretary of Embassy, on November 2, 1933, a copy each of the German-Swiss and the German-Dutch Agreement concerning the Execution of the German Transfer Moratorium. I présumé that you have been informed thereof in the meantime and that you were thereby put in a position to give the Government of the United States the complete information requested.

Should Your Excellency desire to be given further information on this subject, Herr Ministerialdirektor Ritter will gladly be at your disposal to that end.

With the expression [etc.]

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