862.51/3729: Telegram

The Ambassador in Germany (Dodd) to the Secretary of State

185. Department’s 136, November 1, 4 p.m. Following is the full text of the aide-mémoire which I left with the Foreign Minister this morning at the close of our interview:


The American Ambassador called upon the Foreign Minister by appointment and informed him that the United States Government desired full information concerning the agreements concluded between Germany and Switzerland and between Germany and The Netherlands in connection with the full payment to citizens of those two countries of scrip held by them evidencing non-transferable interest deposited in the Konversionskasse under the operation of the transfer moratorium of the German Government effective July 1, 1933. The Government of the United States does not consider adequate the information which hitherto has been furnished in the premises.

The Ambassador stated that Dr. Ritter of the Foreign Office had promised the Embassy the text of the above mentioned agreements and asked that these be furnished as soon as possible together with additional detailed information concerning the Swiss and Dutch agreements and negotiations.

The Ambassador added that his Government considered that American bondholders were entitled to full protection against discrimination in favor of third parties and to most favored nation treatment in every way, all the more so since money owed to American interests is apparently being coverted into what would appear to be a direct subsidy of German exports.

The Ambassador concluded his formal inquiry by requesting that the information above referred to be furnished him at the Foreign Minister’s early convenience.

Berlin, November 3, 1933.”

As I expected the Foreign Minister asserted that he was not informed on these problems but would refer the matter at once to the proper authorities and procure the required detailed information.

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I then emphasized the view expressed in the Department’s telegram above referred to as to discrimination and requested full details about the arrangements concluded with Switzerland and Holland stressing that my Government did not consider as adequate the information which had thus far been furnished. I told the Foreign Minister that I was not presenting a protest but was making a formal inquiry. In concluding the interview the Foreign Minister reasserted that he would furnish the information as soon as possible.