862.51/3701a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Dodd)

121. Can you secure figures American capital now invested in Germany covering (a) long term bond investment, (b) other long term investment, (c) short term included in Standstill, (d) short term not included in Standstill, by any categories into which they may be divisible.

Also is estimate available of amounts of blocked accounts due to Americans divided according to their origin (that is, whether arising out of unpaid bond interest, blocked Standstill payments, et cetera), and according to the categories distinguished in your despatch No. 128 of September 7.92

Estimates received in the past by the Department from different sources do not agree. We realize the difficulty of securing the exact [Page 453] figures but would appreciate best possible estimates by telegram and more comprehensive report by mail.

  1. Not printed.